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Contest Guidelines and Rules

Did you know that car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the US?  Teen drivers ages 16-19 are also three times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than those over the age of 20.  Yep, that’s a fairly grim statistic!

That’s why the AZ Scitech Festival is sponsoring this contest.  We need you to help us spread the word that these fatalities can be prevented and that every teen driver can make it home safely.  

Why you?  We know that teens don’t want to sit around listening to adults rant about risky driving behavior.  Blah…blah…blah.  The best impact is really peer-to-peer.  And your entry can have a great impact on the lives of others.

The Gist About the Video

We are looking for creative and original 30-second Public Service Announcement (PSA) videos made by you or you and a group of your friends around one or more of the following topics:

  1. Distracted Driving:  Chatting on your phone, chatting with all of those people                                you’ve crammed into your car, making sure your hairdo isn’t out of place,               chowing down on that drive-thru snack you just bought and of course, texting.
  2. Impaired Driving:  Drinking, drugs and even driving under extreme fatigue.
  3. Speeding:  Going well beyond the posted speed limit. 

You get the gist. 

Of course we do not want you to actually be speeding, drinking, eating or even preening as you drive around making your video.  All that stuff needs to be hypothetical or simulated.  In fact, if your submitted video actually shows you driving distracted or reckless, we are going to have to disqualify you.  And you wouldn’t want that because there are some decent prizes being awarded.

What else do you need to know about the video?

  1. Your video should be no more than 30-seconds in length; 
  2. It needs to be in a video format such as .mov, .mpeg4, .wmv or .avi;
  3. You can create the video by yourself or with a group of friends.  Since money doesn’t grow on trees, if your video is selected as a winner, you and your whole team splits the prize; and,
  4. The contest has been made possible by a generous grant from State Farm.  If you are mentioning State Farm in your PSA, please only say, “State Farm is a good neighbor.”  Nothing more…it’s a legality thing.

Submitting The Goods

Submitting your video is simple.  Once you have it in the proper format (see #2 above), simply attach it in an email and send it to scitechfestaz@gmail.com.  In your email please include:

  1. Your name and age and the name(s) and ages of anyone in your group responsible for creating the video;
  2. Your contact phone number; and,
  3. If you are under the age of 18 or if anyone in your video is under the age of 18, you must also send in (as an attachment to the email) a completed and signed consent form by a parent or legal guardian.  Since the videos will be aired on the Scitech You Tube and/or Facebook page, we need to make sure parents/guardians of minors are okay with the public viewing the video.  Again, it’s a legality thing. 

All entries must be received by the AZ Scitech Festival by midnight on May 31, 2014.

Who Will Win?

Once we receive your video we will check it to make sure you read these instructions.  Your video will then be posted on the AZ Scitech Festival Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ArizonaSciTech) until June 1, 2014.  At that time five finalists will be chosen and their videos will be moved to the Festival’s You Tube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/AZSciTechFest/).  From June 3-10, 2014 the five final videos will be open for voting by the public.  The video with the most “thumbs up” votes will win 1st place followed by the second and third videos with the highest votes.  Negative “thumbs down” votes will not count against the final tally.

Awarded prizes are:

  • First place: $2,500 scholarship
  • Second Place: $1,000 scholarship
  • Third Place: $500 scholarship

Winners will be notified by June 11, 2014 by phone so please make sure you provide your phone number.

Judging Criteria

AZ Scitech Festival judges will select five finalists based on the following criteria:

  1. Creativity/Originality,
  2. Impact of the message,
  3. Clarity of the message,
  4. Persuasiveness of the PSA to promote safe driving.

Picture and sound quality will not be a determining factor in selecting the finalists.  However, in order to convey the impact and clarity of the message the judges will need to see and hear your message well.  Be sure to take advantage of lighting and turn the volume up.

Commonly Asked Questions

1.  How old do I have to be to enter? The contest is open to students ages 13-19.

2.  What if I’m 17 but my 6-year-old brother and my much older parents are in my video?  Can I still enter?Yes, you can still submit a video as long as the entrant is between the ages of 13-19.  Remember, peer-to-peer messages are very persuasive when it comes to making a strong impact.  Be sure to send in your signed consent form if you or anyone shown in your video is under the age of 18.

3.  What happens to my video after I submit it? The AZ Scitech Festival will not return any videos once submitted so make sure you keep a copy on hand.  All submitted videos will appear on the AZ Scitech Festival Facebook page and the five finalists chosen will have their videos displayed on the Festival’s You Tube channel.  Your contact information will not be distributed and will only be used to contact you if you are selected as a winner.

4.  How many times can I enter? You may enter this contest as many times as you like; so go for it.

5.  What if my video is a tad vulgar, tasteless or irresponsible? It goes into the deleted items folder.  The purpose of the contest is to promote safe driving habits and that can be accomplished without being vulgar, tasteless or irresponsible.  In the event your video is not suitable for public viewing, we will let you know by email.

6.  What if I have additional questions? Please send all inquiries and submissions to scitechfestaz@gmail.com. This contest is sponsored by the AZ Scitech Festival through a grant from State Farm®.  For more information about State Farm’s Celebrate My Drive grants and other contests, please visit their website at www.CelebrateMyDrive.com