ASU Math & Natural Sciences Speaker: Dr Tyrone Hayes (Biologist)

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02/28/2013 - 3:00pm - 4:00pm


ASU West campus - Kiva Lecture Hall

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Type: Workshop/Discussions
Audience: Young Adults (16-21), Adults, Teachers
Region: West Valley
Topic: Bioscience, Health & Medicine, Sustainability & Earth Sciences

From Silent Spring to Silent Night : A Tale of Toads and Men

Dr Tyrone Hayes is an Associate Professor of Biology at the University of California at Berkeley.

Hayes' groundbreaking work critiques the use of the chemical atrazine in agriculture. Dr. Hayes' work shows that this chemical builds up in animals’ bodies, in particular in frogs bodies, and causes health issues for amphibians including emasculating frog populations so only female frogs are produced. These frogs are absorbing these chemicals from the same water that we drink and bathe with everyday.

His work has been featured in Nature among other journals and the popular web-based lecture series, There is even a children's book, The Frog Scientist, that is based on his life and work.

This lecture is part of the School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences Lecture Series, which occurs every other Thursday. This special event will be held in the Kiva Lecture on February 28th to accommodate additional guests. This event is a Signature Event of the ASU West Committee on Campus Inclusion, and is co-sponsored by the Black History Month Committee, STEMetrics Student Club, and AfterMath - the student-run math club at the ASU West campus.