Maketopolis - Tucson

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03/01/2014 - 10:00am - 4:00pm

Free to attend

Maker House, Xero Craft

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Maketopolis Tucson

Type: Workshop/Discussions
Audience: Families/Children, Adults, Science Professionals
Region: Pima County
Topic: Aerospace, Defense & Engineering, Arts, Culture & Social Science, Technology & Computer Science

Maketopolis is a day-long showcase of Tucson’s creativity, innovation and resourcefulness. This family-friendly fair has something for everyone: stomp rockets, robots, steampunk, 3-D scanning and printing, woodworking, quad copters, little free library boxes, electronics, welding, textile arts, LEDs, costuming, and polymer modeling. Maketopolis forges a space in the Tucson community that allows artisans–young and old alike–families, friends and admirers to celebrate the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) spirit of the maker movement. Maketopolis is an arts, crafts and technology affair. Artisans from countless disciplines join together in Tucson’s diverse community and vibrant downtown to create a fun filled day of demonstrations, conversations, and exhibitions which are certain to inspire both the beginner and the seasoned crafter to step out of the home workshop and to dive into the rich creative community in Tucson.

Maketopolis is hosted by Xerocraft Hackerspace and Maker House. Xerocraft Hackerspace, originally founded in 2011, is Tucson’s original hackerspace. Xerocraft creates an environment where people with common interests, who like to tinker, make, destroy, wonder, reuse, fabricate, share and explore can meet, collaborate, and have fun with other members of the community. Maker House recently opened in the Downtown Tucson Arts District. Powered by, Maker House is an artisan maker space that offers classes, events, music, theater, discussion and education on art, technology and creative disciplines. In partnership with Gangplank Tucson, Startup Tucson, The Tucson Steampunk Society, BICAS, Sustainable City Project, UA Downtown, and the Pima County Public Library and sponsored by Marcus Engineering and AGM Container Controls, Xerocraft and Maker House are excited to foster Tucson’s vibrant and ever growing creative community through the establishment of Maketopolis, Tucson’s first maker festival.

Why is Maketopolis Important for Arizona? Promotion of STEM education STEM education has moved to the forefront as a critical element of Arizona’s high tech future. Increasing interest in STEM among our youth is critical. Hands on Science and Engineering has proven to establish excitement and interest in the minds of young children providing relevance to what they learn in school. Maketopolis is family friendly and a safe collaborative showcase where young and old can learn and share the skills of Making. Workforce Development / Retention In a burgeoning technology community one of the greatest retention issues is associated with a sense critical mass. Tucson has a variety of high tech industries that are disconnected. Maketopolis hopes to bring visibility and a sense of community to engineers, scientists, technologists, artisans and craftspeople from distant industries to re-brand themselves as Makers creating a dense community of collaborators and skill sharing outside of the work environment. The sense of community helps to retain our talented workforce and maintain a sense that there are many opportunities locally. STEAM Collaboration Tucson is the home for some of the best scientific and engineering minds employed by The University of Arizona, local industry, and our local military bases. Tucson also has an eclectic talented mix of professional craftspeople and artisans. Science Technology Engineering Art and Math is movement designed to broaden technical collaboration allowing further reach into our society. The ability for Tucson and Arizona to blend art and culture with technology is unmatched. Maketopolis provides a venue for these collaborations to flourish and receive their due recognition.